Sunday, 7 September 2014

Celebrity Nude Leaks...are still important: A Thought Association

Why is this news?
Why don't hackers spend a few minutes a day solving the issues of climate change or overpopulation?
Do these computer experts not know there are lots of naked people on the internet?
Why does the world have a boner for Jennifer Lawrence?
Why was Catching Fire the single corniest movie I've ever seen, featuring several award winning actors?
Why is Divergent allowed to exist, ripping off The Hunger Games almost as blatantly as The Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale?
Why does young women's fiction have to pander, instead of inspire?
Why are the biggest trend franchises in Hollywood taking their cues from specifically adolescent literature? (I'm counting 50 Shades here.)
Why, when I was growing up, was it semi-impressive to adults that I was reading certain books or series, and now when young people read at all, they're looked at with a sort of confused awe?
What's with the race to the bottom?

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