Monday, 4 September 2017

Goal Setting

Currently reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. This brings a lot of interesting thoughts to mind, not least of which is what I would actually do if money was not an object. I'm hurrying to get this all out while I'm still inspired, as it is also a fairly significant exercise if you take the book seriously. So here goes, in order of priority.

  1. Open a vegan restaurant in Windsor. Boon Burger Cafe in Barrie impressed upon me greatly, for portion size and taste, and they also, as a matter of principle, compost and recycle. I'd love to fund one of these here, and I think it would do quite well. 
  2. Start up a solar shingle company and make them mandatory for new homes.
  3. Fix everything wrong with my house, and renovate it, then buy (or likely, build) another one in the county. The flat in Paris and the Chateau in Provence would come after that. 
  4. Make a rap album. Something I've always wanted to do. Time is much more an object than money in this case - it's just a matter of being able to do it. Then, make a metal album.
  5. Travel across the continent in an RV, with my dogs, rock climbing, hiking, and living like a vegan hippie, minus the peyote. I'd have no particular schedule, and I'd probably fill the downtime with reading, writing, and video games. I'd stop at farmer's markets and the best tattoo spots in North America. 
  6. Fund my brothers' business so they could keep gettin dat money. 
  7. Fund my friend so he could start flipping houses and gettin dat money. 
  8. Lobby town council to fix the sewers around here so people don't flee the area that we've just started bringing back to economic life. 
  9. Be a loudmouthed ecologist everywhere I went.
  10. Bicycle across Canada. Possibly alone. 
  11. Help people. Any way, any time, just stop what I was doing to help others. Not to a debilitating degree that derails my life, but so I can sleep at night. 
I realize I blew over the list of 5 I was supposed to make, but it's a start. Also, several of those things overlap and would be ongoing, so call it 7.5. I am often not sure what the hell I'm even working for, so this was a good exercise. 

One down.

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