Sunday, 9 February 2014

10 Reflections on the Sochi Games

  1. Homophobia is extremely alive in 2014. The comment threads on Sochi-related articles around the internet are bone-chilling.
  2. Ignorance is a vile fucking plague upon humanity. Anyone who chooses ignorance in the information age is an asshole.
  3. Homophobia, unlike most other phobias, has the unique characteristic of being superbly hateful and violent in nature.
  4. Google is suddenly the bravest company in the free world...???
  5. The Olympics are boring.
  6. The Olympics are pointless.
  7. Russians can be rednecks, too.
  8. Money, as always, comes before morale. 
  9. The World Cup has superior entertainment value, and I'm a hockey fan.
  10. Sochi itself looks like a beautiful city.

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