Monday, 10 February 2014

The Story of J.A.R.V.I.S; or, How I Sleep Pt. 2

Baby alligators make cute pets, but they grow up, son.

Once upon a time, there was a little table hugger

who liked to eat Molly's soup bones
and ball up into ugly shapes on the couch.

Also known as Viserys III, the Beggar King, he grew very quickly,
and copied absolutely everything Molly did, desperate for approval.

Seriously, everything.

Being black, Jarface enjoyed bass guitar,
and being German, enoyed standing up straight for long periods of time.

The elusive South African Jarfish was very hard to spot. Blurry, out of focus shots led many to speculate on his very existence and what the hell his problem was.

Usually, Jarya Underfoot could be found underfoot, causing people to trip and drop knives and dinner ingredients and F-bombs, but occasionally he was caught while drowsing, much like a Snorlax.
And he didn't give a shit who or what he fell asleep on, much like a Snorlax.
And then I used to have a couch. 


  1. And then the great Jarvis grew into a giant wolf and became an epic mount for Princess Sparkle. They rode off into the sunset together. The end.

    1. Don't let Chuckie catch you spelling it not as an acronym...god I hate that speech.